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Essay: educating the legally blind student
it is advised that the IEP plan applies to the subjects the student is taking through uk essays leadership in nursing the modified procedure for the legally blind, and over the choice or accommodated only approaches. Freedom and orientation and technologies along with expanded curricula must be provided through the alternative manner.

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Modifications are made to provide orientation, support freedom and physical availability. These modifications include tactical seating posture preferential locker place, and desk and storage area.
Accommodations in learning are created to include braille braille writer, for many areas, and also have usage of speech synthesizers, intercept, illustrations and graphics, movie, braillenote, and kurzweil.
Assessments, tests, assignments and evaluations are also make accommodations for the addition of braille, braille writer, scribing responses that are verbatim and assistive technology.

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Considering that the student may use the can in familiar a neighbourhood, mobility and orientation curricula will provide support to the student for the managing of equipment, materials, and also the use of their cane to expand into environments.
It is advisable that want concerned to see the pupil establish a high degree of responsibility and freedom during the caring of and storage of their aids and orientation skills, develop a secure and effective mobility.

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